Visualization System

The QUALICAST Visualization system is a multi-user and multi – language capable real time data acquisition system

The Qualicast visualization can be individually configured for each application

Qualicast Visualization Software 

All graphs can be configured and parametrized individually 

The QualicasT visualization is a multi user TCP / IP capable real time data acquisition system.

The communication between PLC and Qualicast visualization can be RS232 and all remote Qualicast visualization can be interconnected by TCP/IP or wireless.

The system is based on an SQL data base and a GUI graphical interface allowing real time and historical access to all graphs, messages and alarms.

Qualicast Analog Values


Individual Diagram configuration possibilities



Strand Configuration

Message and Alarm display as well as audible alarming capabilities


 Voice Alarms Configuration

Multi Language possibilities, individual diagram display values



Qualicast Status Messages

System Maintenance and auto archiving features


Qualicast multiple language support 


Language Editor


 Automatic Archive and Maintenance